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Other Services

  • We have a wide variety of scooters and motorbikes for rent
  • Guided trips and excursions –small or large groups- including individually designed itineraries- with air-conditioned buses and cars
  • Daily and half day cruises around the island and to other islands as well

Terms and Conditions

  1. Full insurance doesn’t cover any damages to the rented vehicle caused by hirers who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. The hire must return the vehicle on the date stated on the contract. 
  3. We can not guarantee the exact model of car, but you will always receive a car from the same class/group or higher if the selected model is not available during your rental period.
  4. The vehicle must not be used in any race, test, contest or off road.
  5. Only the persons who sign the contract are allowed to drive and they are jointly responsible for the vehicle.
  6. The hirer has to pay all fines for traffic violation as well as any fine due to removal of plate numbers.
  7. The hirer must always lock the vehicle when it is not in use.
  8. By signing the contract the hirer accepts the terms of rental.
  9. No Cancelation Fees three days before the delivery date.
  10. We are unable to give a refund if you return the vehicle earlier or for more fuel
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0030 6948730703
0030 6978481512
0030 6948730703
0030 6978481512
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Car Rental at Rethymno Approved by the Ministry of Tourism & the Greek National Tourism Organization
Car Rental at Rethymno Approved by the Ministry of Tourism & the Greek National Tourism Organization