Villa IRis

In Greek mythology, Iris was a goddess, a divine messenger. She connected the sky with the earth, just like the rainbow. Homer wrote that Iris, wearing her winged sandals, danced and left colours and flowers behind her.

Villa Iris is built on an amazing location, which combines the lush fields with breath-taking views to Psiloritis mountain and the endless blue of the Cretan sea. The view is even more magical at sunrise and sunset.

On a field of 4000m2, the villa is surrounded by a three-level garden, covered with trees, flowers and aromatic plants, with a splendid variety of colours and scents.

The villa itself features 150m2 on two floors. There are 3 air-conditioned bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a study, a bathroom and a shower room.

All rooms have plenty of natural light. The balconies offer amazing views and the ground floor offers direct access to the garden.

Villa Iris can accommodate 5 – 7 people.

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